Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summertime and livins' easy

Local photographer Sam Camp with friends.
Ahhh, summer in Humboldt County.  The rain has tapered off, the sun is making its' presence known and the sounds of happy people on the Los Bagels patio fill the air.  Just yesterday, a cute couple spend about 3 hours sitting on our patio playing Scrabble, while eating  Lime Corn cookies, 2 Pan Dulce and 4 cups of coffee.  What a nice way to spend an afternoon!

This is not to say everyone in Bagel land is taking it slow.  Our awesome baker Elena has just about perfected a recipe for "Rosemary Polenta Muffins" and our production manager John is searching for the first solid harvest of Strawberries so we can get to work on a batch of our Strawberry Muffins.  It was a rainy spring, so the crop is a few weeks behind, although this always seems to be the case.

Farmer's Market on the Plaza in Arcata is really picking up momentum as more and more produce is available.  You can find the Los Bagels tent there most Saturdays, we are right in the center near the President McKinley.

Out in Willow Creek it is warming up, the Trinity River is still flowing really high, but soon the perfect swimming holes will appear and we will yet again be able to commune with the salmon and Bigfoot.

Cheers to the sun, notice it is the same shape as a bagel.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

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