Monday, December 5, 2011

Become "One" with the Huckleberry

Los Bagel's Huckleberry Loaves are coming out of the oven as we speak, the smell wafting down "I" Street in Arcata has people wandering into the shop...they don't even know why.  Their eyes are glazed over, their lips are trembling and their eyes are searching for the source of the outrageously good smell.

Fresh baked Huckleberry loaves just don't happen.  All summer and fall our friends Peter and Tsering, way out in Petrolia on the Lost Coast, are hand picking these sensational berries.  Hucks are a small juicy berry with an unparallelled flavor, way better than a blackberry, more delicate than the raspberry, and don't even get me going about blueberries. 

If you've ever done any berry picking, you know that it is hard work and takes an enormous amount of patience, diligence and self control.  Tsering annually picks about 200 lbs of hucks for us!

These berries truly shine in our Holiday Dessert Loaf.  Grab one at the shop, or order one online to treat your friends and loved ones. Feeling adventurous? Grab a copy of our Cookbook and make the bread yourself, the recipe is in there...along with all your other favorites!

Among the really hard core berry pickers, secret picking spots are protected and shared only with trusted family members.  After some serious picking we've seen people with red stained arms all the way to their elbows.  ...No, this business is not for the light of heart or the weak of spirit, you must be "one" with the berry.

Tom Kent at is totally at "one" with the berry.  Check it out his description of the mighty Huckleberry.
This image of ripe Huckleberries in the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge is taken by Gordon Leppig and Andrea J. Pickart. Click on the berries to check out the great chart they built detailing the flora about 15 miles south of Los Bagels. 

Here's Wishing You a Berriliscous Holiday Season!
Los Bagels