Friday, May 13, 2011

Graduation Madness Grips Humboldt County!

What has happened to our sleepy community in the redwoods?  A huge influx of parents and families from around the country are descending on Arcata for Humboldt State University graduation. This wild bunch of celebrators is sure to reek havoc on the city of Arcata and the surrounding hills.  Wild parties, fancy dinners and a huge parental sigh relief will characterize the next 48 to 64 hours.

Here at Los Bagels World Headquarters, we have added extra staff, stocked up on Slugs, Slug Slime and Larrupin.  We have heaps of T-shirts and hats at the ready...including our brand new "Slug Slime T-shirt". This beauty features a yellow slug on the shoulder, with slime gliding over our logo.  

The weekend madness will only spiral upward and outward.  Saturday Farmer's Market on the Plaza is sure to become a horticultural  free for all, where every man, woman and carrot will be on their own to score the best produce from the region.

Saturday and Sunday, "I" Street will be CLOSED for the Humboldt Arts Fair, featuring art, bands, and kids activities...yes there will be a beer tent, so come thirsty.  We are planning on staying open late Saturday evening, but if things start looking dicey, we may just lock the doors and hide under the counter until the smoke clears.

If you are in Arcata, better strap on your boots for adventure, and if you aren't in Arcata, please pray for us.

Hasta la proxima

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  1. I went through it last May with my daughter graduating. It seemed pretty mellow in town to me. Viva la Toma's and Los Bagels!! I hope to be up there soon to scarf down some myself in person and bring home a stash. You would do great here in Sonora!! I'm just saying....