Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Tuesdays for the Whales

For 25 years Los Bagels was "Closed Tuesdays,"  We've now been "Open Tuesdays" for just over 2 years, and many folks still haven't heard the news.  Perhaps news travels slowly to the population out side of the redwood curtain?  This week, some of Dennis' (the founder of Los Bagels) old friends were in town, they literally extended their trip through Wednesday morning so they could get bagels to take back home to Seattle. When Dennis talked to them and heard their plans he casually mentioned, "We were only closed Tuesdays for the first 25 years."  Luckily, the folks got to enjoy Humboldt County an extra day, and take home their favorite bagels.

Last Friday at about 7 AM, the editor of the Redwood Bagelero and his 14 month old boy spotted what seemed like a family of Grey Whales right below Trinidad Head.  First they spotted a solitary whale, so close to shore you could see the barnacles around his blow-hole.  After a few minutes a female whale came into the picture, and  she had a calf right next to her, the calf looked to be about 6 feet long, about a 1/3 or 1/4 of the length of Mom.  From the cliffs you were able to get a really good view, down on the action. A perfect sight for Earth Day.

This week was the conclusion of the traditional Passover holiday, we hope everyone had a great Seder, we still have some Matzo and Chocolate Matzo we are specialing out in the stores, Matzo doubles as a great Saltine Cracker.

The next special event at Los Bagels is "Cinco De Mayo" ...the bakers are thinking of making Jalapeno Cheddar bagels. Sounds good.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hola!  Welcome to the Redwood Bagelero!  So whats going on at Los Bagels?  A few big things are in the works.

  • It's been a few years, but we are bringing back our great "2 on 2 Basketball Tournament."  At the end of June (the actual date isn't settled yet) Los Bagels will host the 2 on 2 basketball tourney with both a mens and womens brackets...start practicing those free throws NOW.  This will be a fundraiser for Camp Unalayee, which is a kids outdoor adventure camp high in the Trinity Alps.
  • We will soon be bringing back out legendary "Pan Dulce", this traditional Mexican sweet bread, with a crumble topping is a Los Bagels classic, stay tuned. 
  • Better come by and have one of the last "Mint Double Trouble" cookies...soon we are switching them to a "Mokka Double Trouble"....these are the best vegan cookies you can find.