Friday, February 3, 2012

Salmon Runs

We talk about salmon quite a bit at Los Bagels.  Usually it concerns smoked salmon, lox or salmon spread.  Not today!  As the rains finally came to Humboldt County we were recently treated to some great salmon runs. Freshwater Creek, Prairie Creek and the Mad River showed some impressive numbers of fish heading upstream to spawn.
Photo by Thomas B. Dunklin,
 A salmon's journey never ceases to amaze.  Born in a tiny creek, miles ands miles from the ocean, heading down stream to the vast ocean.  Living in the ocean for 5-6 years then heading back to the same tiny creek to spawn.  It sounds simple, but it is truly one of nature's greatest triumphs.

Photo by Thomas B. Dunklin,
Locally, a gentleman named Doug Kelly has been working tirelessly to improve salmon habitat.  His work with the Humboldt Fish Action Council is a force in our community doing the down and dirty work of restoration.  Using a volunteer squad of community members and HSU students, he is able to create more habit for salmon.  Los Bagels has sponsored Doug's efforts with bagels and pastries for years.  Many other businesses such as Humboldt Grassfed Beef, Santa Cruz Coffee and Odwalla, support Doug's volunteers with the nutrition they need to clear out invasive weeds, clear debris and actually re-create spawning beds where sediment has made it impossible for the salmon eggs to hatch. 

They also have an "Adopt-a-Fish" program for that salmon lover in your life.

We would like to give a special thank you to Thomas B. Dunklin, the North Coast's premier salmon photographer for the above photos,  and if you want to see something totally awesome, watch his video "GET UP"a Tribute to Fish Passage Success Stories.

Cheers to the salmon, long may you run!

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