Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lime Corn or Corn Lime

Los Bagels Lime Corn cookies are one of the freakishly good items that you can only get at Los Bagels.  The recipe was developed years ago by our long time baker Jodie Harriel and to date, this is our best selling sweet treat. This cookie is the epitome of a multicultural experience...are there any other cookies on earth that get referred to as "zesty"  ...we think not.   

The magic taste of this cookie has traveled outside Humboldt County.  Tierra Vegetables in Windsor California is a fan,  we hear someone is working on a Gluten Free version  and now you can purchase them straight from the source and we will ship them right to your door.

If you are ready to get in the kitchen and make them yourself (they are incredible right out of the oven!)  here is the recipe.  This is taken from Los Bagels Recipes and Lore.
Whether you call them "Lime Corn Cookies" or "Corn Lime Cookies"  we don't mind, just remember the first place you tried the original zesty cookie.


  1. I love these - and I am in England. I can't wait to make them myself.

  2. oooooo!! I've been craving these cookies and just thought about trying to find a recipe. And right away google led me right here. perfect! thanks!

  3. this cookie is one of the things I miss the most from HumCo. Thank god you've posted this.

  4. I don't miss many things about Humboldt County, but Los Bagels is one of them. Glad to see this recipe here! I was about to have a friend take a picture of the cookbook for me while she was there!